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4 Broad Categories of Fitness Dance

Fitness dance stands out from technical or traditional dance in that technique, most fitness dance classes have a focus on cardiovascular exercise. Dancing can be intense workout that really burn major calories and builds a good muscle, and most of the time dancing evolved in psychological effects, whether you’re into hip-hop, belly dancing, or Bollywood-style moves.

There Are 4 Broad Categories of Fitness Dance and you can choose the style that`s best for you.

1 – Cardio Fitness Dance

why zumba comes first in fitness dance

These categories may include hip-swaying and chest pops, but their pace is fast and their intent is to make you break a sweat (nothing further). Cardio dance classes are often based on certain styles or forms of dance. For instance, Zumba is based loosely on Latin dance; Bokwa on African dance; Doonya on Bollywood dance; LaBlast on ballroom dance; Jazzercise on jazz dance; Kerboomka on club-style dance; and Broadway Bodies on Broadway dance. You may find you prefer one form or another, but their intents are more or less the same—to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

2 – Barre Workouts

Barre workouts are ballet-inspired routines that incorporate elements of yoga, Pilates, and strength training with light weights. Posture and proper form are a primary focus as instructors lead students through moves that challenge balance, stability, and core strength. High repetitions, small, isolating “pulses,” and slow movements contribute to the often-cited “muscle shakes” and “burnout” associated with the routines.

The workouts are generally low-impact and moderate-intensity, offering a modest cardiovascular benefit. Where they really shine is in their focus on flexibility and core strength, making them an excellent cross-training option for runners, cyclists, and heavy lifters. Popular workouts include Physique 57, Barre3, The Bar Method, Pop Physique, and Pure Barre.

3 – Mind-Body Dance

Mind-body dance typically incorporates elements of yoga, tai chi, or martial arts into a flowing routine. These workouts offer combined benefits ranging from improved cardiovascular health to enhanced flexibility and reduced stress. Classes are typically low-impact and low- to moderate-intensity, perfect for beginners looking for a way to ease into exercise. Prime examples include Nia and Yoga Trance Dance.

4 – Sensual Dance

Sensual dance classes are a little more sexual and include everything from belly dancing to pole dancing. Some options, such as burlesque-style or striptease classes, tend to have a stronger focus on raising your heart rate while pole and aerial classes increase their focus on total body strength and flexibility.

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